For the March/April issue of ANALOG SF

As a writer of SF and Fantasy plus being a musician and songwriter, it isn’t surprising that I’ve written a few tunes combining my dual careers. “Ice Ageless” began decades ago as a song, based on the idea of a starship pilot experiencing a relatively very short duration of time while thousands of terrestrial years pass, not aging, yet being internally transformed by the actual time involved. With that much of a premise, I thought it might be fun and worthwhile to turn it into the story you’ll find in this issue, and I also did a quick recording of the song which you can if find here if you’re interested:

Should you choose to subject yourself to my music, I played all the instruments you’ll hear and sang as well, so you have only me to blame for any of it. Perhaps, at some point, I’ll also write a story based on my ultra-heavy Rock tune “Three Meteors,” which starts with this soothing verse:

Look out now, be careful and wary,

There’s no one to turn to, and nowhere to flee.

The eye of the Scorpion, mighty Antares,

Sends trouble in triplicate, marked C.O.D.

But that’s a song for another day.

Right now you can find my novel Dr. Alien at Wordfire Press, Amazon etc. with a forward by the brilliant Dr. Stanley Schmidt, which contains all three of my Doc Alien tales published in Analog, with some updating, and my far more ambitious novel Opening Wonders, combining SF, Fantasy, Mythology, Mystery, and a few secret ingredients will be out from Wordfire this coming March. I can be reached at the usual social media suspects and my website, rajnarvajra@com.

More Log than Blog


It occurred to me that one cliché about angels might well be symbolic: that a human would be blinded by divine light if an angel revealed its full glory.

I’m no believer in angels or devils for that matter, although I do believe both exist as potentials in us all. But I’m aware that we are vastly more than we appear to ourselves. As vast as, well, everything. If we lived experiencing our own full glory on a conscious level, how could we function in a world that requires us to appear limited?

Better, for the sake of practically, to understand ourselves as the universe in brief glimpses. But unfortunately, most of us never even get a true glimpse.