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This is the first of two books of mine coming out this year. Dr. Alien involves a human psychiatrist who is drafted by Earth authorities to determine what appears to be the serious psychological problems of three different extraterrestrial species, each rescued from spaceships in different parts of our galaxy. The good doctor knows the task is impossible, but he accepts the mission due to both government pressure and his own curiosity. The results of his attempt lead to increasingly fantastic circumstances, culminating in a situation with truly cosmic consequences.

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Later this year, OPENING WONDERS, my most ambitious novel will appear.

Here’s a review from Publisher’s Weekly:

Doctor Alien

Rajnar Vajra. WordFire, $34.99 (216p) ISBN 978-1-68057-269-8

In this introspective, intelligent trio of tales from Vajra (Her Scales Shine Like Music), psychiatrist Alanso J. Morganson tests his skills and expertise as he treats various alien beings for an assortment of ailments. First, the Tsf, a species dedicated to trading, ask him to look into the odd cases of three unidentified beings rescued from damaged ships. Then he must deal both with human neighbors objecting to the location of his new clinic and with a mysterious gift from a grateful patient. Finally, Morganson is summoned off Earth as part of a mission that could affect the entire universe. With each novella building off the last to chronicle Morganson’s experience with all things extraterrestrial, Vajra takes his everyman protagonist on a mind-boggling odyssey while keeping Morganson’s views and attitudes down-to-earth. While Morganson’s actual skills as a psychiatrist sometimes take a backseat to intuition, philosophy, and spirituality, his alien patients never fail to fascinate. Fans of old school SFF will enjoy these clever and entertaining adventures. (Apr.)